About Me

I am a woman in forties, who definitely has a diverse experience.Besides, being a Textile designer and a trained Montessori directress. I have experienced life in a colossal roller coaster.

Be it work place, meeting new people, travelling and seeing vivid cultures, Life for me is like a movie, there are times when I am playing my role and there are times, when I simply witness what’s happening around. I was born in a family where education, values and character building was given utmost weightage.

Working in corporate exposed me to people who were too caught up to climb the ladder of success, a bunch of robots differently programmed to showcase which machinery gives best performance. Something that truly brushed me, is getting married to a man, who truly is a gem for the country. Someone wrapped in olive colour giving his duties at the most boring, secluded yet full of danger, made me a woman, who is brave enough to deal with most awkward and arduous situations of life. Parenting too didn’t come in staple form, Nurturing stories, you would see on my blog for sure! Full of eventful situations and challenges.

In most of my write ups, you will surely bump into stories which you would be able to somewhere relate to yourself. If you happen to stumble upon similar basket of affairs. Be it human relationships, marriage, parenting and Textiles ( Fashion) or anything that revolves around mundane of life.

Why I write??? Because Painting With Words, Soothes My Soul

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