Vicious cycle.

What is the appropriate age to fall in love or to have the ocean of feelings for someone. Do, the butterflies of love, age with age??

There was nothing unusual about this night, the temperature of the air conditioner was just good enough to vacuum, all the moisture of the room, turning the sticky air into a smooth bubble. The side table was as usual cluttered with books that Malini was reading. A water bottle and a table lamp stood like a guard. Was it just another night? or it was a night which would change her life? Living alone isn’t easy. Living as a spinster is like another label one lives with. The search for another half will always be a persuit for some.

And then, the phone rang, which made her have cardio vascular contractions, ” Calm down, Malini calm down,” she said to herself. She took a deep breath and pondered if she should take the call. ” It’s him, Mr Inconsistent”.

“No, not this time, I won’t talk”, With this thought humming her head, ” She picked up the call, ” Hello”, Sounding as calm and indifferent. ( Mr. Inconsistent, as she called him “earned this title and well deserved it”.)

Malini said, ” How are you and how is life.”, ” Just usual, too much of work and piled up situations answered, Mr Inconsistent. ” Malini, ” hated to hear this, instead she said, ” I understand you are thick deep in work, no worries.” She knew, what’s coming up next and eventually did.

Mr. inconsistent, insisted for a video call which in return she won’t resist. The eyes don’t lie but actions can deceive you. The faces met on video and so did the eyes. Mr. Inconsistent looked at Malini and said, ” take off your specs”.(which probably came has a hinderance to have a better look.) He smiled and complimented the new ruby fitted round the ring finger of Malini. In return she smiled. The conversation took off and landed with, ” I have to wake up early, have a meeting with a French delegate.” Malini, squeezing all the questions jungled in her mind, responded with the smile, ” take care, was lovely catching up.”

She was wide awake, ” awake was her soul “, staring at the roof, she lay blank, blank as empty box, with a havoc of non stop emotions hitting like waves. With this half attained exchange of emotions, She said to herself, ” I can’t deal with this. If he calls next time, I will not pick the phone.”

The dusk and dawn, took their turn. The days and nights passed each station of routine. Here it was another weekend. The lamp, the books and water bottle lay still in the night, watching vicious cycle.

The Phone rang…

6 responses to “Vicious cycle.”

  1. harshvardhanchauhan19 Avatar

    The dust and dawn took their turn. Wow..


    1. Thank you Harsh!!!!!!


  2. harshvardhanchauhan19 Avatar

    The dusk and dawn took their turnt. Wow..


  3. Narender Sharma Avatar
    Narender Sharma

    रहिमन धागा प्रेम का मत छोड़ो चटकाय। तोड़े से फिर ना जुड़े, जुड़े गांठ पड़ जाए।। Author, Sunita Satpati, highlights this heart touching human characteristic effectively by this short story. Great …… Congrats…… Waiting for more… Best wishes…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You took it to another level. 😃


  4. Narender K Sharma Avatar
    Narender K Sharma

    In above comment read तोड़े instead of छोड़े

    Liked by 1 person

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