The Break – up

The time was ticking, It was time to part of, Arun Packed everything including the memories he created over the period of time. A young micro soft engineer of short height and colossal dreams, was all set to move, to make it big to a new place.  While, he was at the last leg of wrapping he was receiving frantic calls from Sushma. He ignored each call, pretending it doesn’t matter any more, Not the woman herself and not the relationship which lasted for few months. 

Sushma, on the other side was trying best to hold her tears, along with the weight of the betrayal she knew would be carrying for the rest of her life. The break ups are never pleasant, it distorts everything from emotions to the soul. The cloud of self doubts and self blame hovers the person throughout the healing process.

Arun, at last saw the view from his ninth floor house, The dark skies smeared in the layer of pollution looked most perplexed than ever. The Hooghly reflected all the jarring lights of the city. Arun, Felt nothing, nothing to the core. He turned, locked the house and moved out…leaving everything intangible on the stairs…

2 responses to “The Break – up”

  1. Great story, Sunita. I can feel the emotions each are having as they prepare themselves to live without each other. Especially, Sushma- the guilt and sadness of losing a boyfriend. I can always feel the indifference of Arun. The emotions are well described here.


    1. Cherie, thank you so much for your feedback!!!!!!!!! Btw, love your work, so informative ❤️


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