Team or Tame

Swim or dive, but life will always breath on land..

Ritika, never wanted Sanjeev to join the new work place, She had a strong intuition, it’s going to be a high tide, both personally and professionally. But, Men have brains, like a chest of drawers, Each drawer is neatly stacked for each emotion.

When, Ritika met Rama, the new boss during the social evening, for the first time, the interaction was brief and nebulous. He kept on explaining something really exigent and she looked and looked and looked trying to filter the soft voice as diligently as possible, while reading the lips as carefully she could. She just knew , it was something important.

Rama Iyengar, as he would proudly call himself, was a South Indian with moustaches dipped in jet black that made him look few years younger. He never bit his words. He sounded as if, his tongue is rolled around some wooden cubes, with words minced and pouring out in the utmost mystery, to get further decoded. Men, would come out of his office, after taking instructions, ” with the most flummoxed look” , seeking approvals, cross checking and further discussions over the instructions been passed on, with Sanjeev.

Work place was always chaos, sleepless nights, with dead lines and last moment goof ups with icing of few team mates not willing to trail along. The eyes of the sky scraper boss, would oscillate constantly into the official letters and mind, non stop knitting into ,” how to shoot the newly established company” to some award winning level.

How do you tolerate him? why do you even listen to him? She, often queried Sanjeev. In return she got the, run- of – the mill reply, “, because he is right, I understand his dive “.

Ritika, would simply detest it. A well defined wall already had cemented between the two. The fort of marriage got split into two. This shall pass too, As Sanjeev would say.

Rama’s sense of humour was like” Rasam”. You could sniff the masalas before it is served to you. You knew, what’s coming, but pretend how freshly it tasted. He barely slept, At three in the morning, he would wake up his team mates to discuss some new ideas, before it gets fizzled out.

A quite spectator , ” Ritika, never missed to observe it”. What kind of man he is?

We often judge people, as quickly as the ice-cream melts in our mouth. Most often, what we see or how we see, gets deceived by the reality which turns out the mush of truth. The truth, which lies quietly and silently, With one stroke of a situation the colours ooze out. Making the judgement into the flakes which get blown away by the wind of truth. Sanjeev was struggling for the company’s accommodation. He wrote several letters and requested numerous times, but there was no response. When Rama, got to know about this, he walked into the board of directors office, fought for the righteous cause and ensure the needful is done. Sanjeev called Ritika, ” The house is being allotted.” She kept quiet on something unexpected. Many several other incidents came up, where this man, would go out of the way to help the junior most employees. He would often say, ” The well being of my people is most important as they carry the weight of the entire organisation.” He would draft letters, do work which sometimes was not under his radius of responsibilities.” In crux, a good human being, for whom the commitment for his work always took the front seat at the cost of, which he only can spill. Or it was just the passion, where everything else gets diluted.

Sometimes, simplicity of a person, looks most complex. Probably, it has become a rare trait and we are so accustomed to look through the glasses of all the preconceived notions….

Rama, taught certainly one thing, to be well committed to whatever you do, irrespective of gigantic or how minute a task is. But what about the flip side?? when you choose a path and a goal, there would be many milestones which would get skipped. Emotional well-being milestone, Personal life milestone, Me time milestone. Something, In-tangible of a person gets slit off and What is left?? are the the stars and moons of success defined, designed to lure a person to reach another pinnacle. Just to realise the skies are as blue as, seen from any portion of life. The point is, Just Pause, feel the breath and fill the soul with the warm coffee of love.

Today’s Success is all about your Team and How you Tame it. Ritika would always ponder on……Amidst the Team and Tame , What all milestones did Rama Missed…

5 responses to “Team or Tame”


    Quite close to my dabble in corporate world… so true that we miss so many milestones in our lives while trying to tame our corporate team to achieve organizational goals… and what happens in the end is to live with your solitude…. trying to count what you could achieve in your personal life had you not been part of the rat race… and was the sacrifice was really worth…. beautifully penned…. 😍


  2. Great post, Sunita. Rama sounds like a great boss who takes care of his people! The world needs more like him! ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Cherie, you are right, world needs good people. be it boss, boyfriend or brother!!! Take care darling. Thanks for your feedback. Love loads.


      1. You’re most welcome, Sunita! You take care too, sweetie. 💖


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