Womb watches in silence.

Parenting a bliss or a challenge??

Chapter 1

An intrigued Parent..

The Pandemic of two years has peeled off the patience of many parents and at the same time it has heeled and given strength to another. It has always been like a labywringath to reach the perfect spot of a bliss. Is it just me or Every mother’s dream? To be a perfect mom who created a master piece and added a real gem to the civic world.

First experiences always gets engraved and stamped in your memory be it first kiss or first kick of your child in your womb. What follows later, is completely different unknown journey. There’s just one feeling, You are intrigued. Your pyjamas never know for how long they will comfort you until they finally get dumped.

Womb is like a treasure box, which keeps your baby safe, until your creation is ready to meet the outside world. So when my lad came, in my lap, the world suddenly shrunk into this tiny winy wrapped bundle with limbs yet folded in the comfort of the womb.

Bringing up a child comes without owner’s manual. Although, in the current world there is oodles of information, constantly making you conscious and doubting, ” am I doing a right job”. The cooing, cuddling, crawling, crying, curious, cuteness, carping and all the adjectives/ verbs simply hover your head. Bringing up, an offspring has never been a cake walk, just the issues have turned magnificently and if you want the solutions, it’s all over. From Instagram to google. I see these videos where they teach you, how to turn your child into avid reader, learn public speaking, do robotics, create paintings to DIY!!! Its super unfathomable. Wish it would’ve been as easy to understand like a physics theorem with a formula. Hence proved!!! But no!! It isn’t as trivial, as people and society make you feel or believe. It’s a constant effort, a marathon which makes you keep going not until you reach a point of getting a feather, you can ballyhoo in your cap as a successful parent.

The race among today’s parents is truly loony, Most of them are trying to win their own lost battles of childhood through their children. Kolkata the capital of West Bengal, where endless intellectual, authors, scholars and scientists were created carries a huge legacy of proving to the world the depth of education. Education here is just not going to the school, but it’s a real serious business. The children be it in a govt school or any other top notch opulent school follow and admire the importance of imparting academics as its been done over the years.

A system where children, parents and school teachers go hand in hand to prepare the child academically, culturally and creatively. Unlike Delhi where children dance on bhangra beats and aunties are dressed in the most jarring colours. 

If your child fits into the this well created, ages old and stereotypical cage, its truly a gate pass for the the rat race…..

What if your child is not a rat!! but a free spirit with strengths eyed as weaknesses by the society….

How do you strive????…

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