Forced Separation..

Radhika, often faced this question and she came up with the same reply. So, how often you two meet? How many times a year? She knew exactly why these questions from the people not in uniform bobbed up. She could see in the most lucid way, the doubts and scathing of the people, asking her with the loudest silence, ” how do you survive in the absence of coitus” or ” You must be so desperate loitering around with men”. Time is a vagabond itself, She realised how in a jiffy, her toddler is now pre teen and how her waist size has gone to medium. People in civil have mainly two subjects to elevate with you, ” How are things in Kashmir” and secondly ” You must be having a team of men, who cook, clean, serve all for free” , while your women have extra marital in your absence.

Radhika, knew exactly what to say and how much to say in order to enlighten the ignorant bunch of people. It made her very uncomfortable, Her tales of plodded journey with no help around, was neatly tucked in her grace, charm and smile. Radhika, by now understood, no one but herself is the spectator, participant and winner of this marathon….

Few days back, She cognised, The fall out of a friend, where both the partners were accusing each other of infidelity. After the entire spat story was passed to Radhika,

She sat down and pondered…..

They stay together in the same house, year after year….Each Diwali, birthdays, New Years they have the previlage of holding each other each morning….. And Yet I, have to face the most awkward questions…….

—-Turf of Sunita—

3 responses to “Forced Separation..”

  1. gagandeepsinghbharara Avatar

    A thought which nibbles everyone…but the truth is…
    LOVE amongst the Army couple lasts longer and remains Eternal….This unwanted but forced Separation helps to make the bond more stronger…..


    1. You actually nailed it…Regards.


  2. harshvardhanchauhan19 Avatar

    Your writings are so layered. Each layers unfolds subtly one after another. A beautifully crafted piece where word by word, line by line, the reader has no choice but to involve. Beautiful yet powerful story telling.


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