Unfinished continues…

Nature loudly touts greys…..Who are we????

Black or White

Colours never perplex us, be it violate or pink, until it reaches grey. One keeps wondering if it falls in the family of black or white. Richa often pondered with the complexities of the greys in her life. Is it just she ??? Or everyone else goes through with this moving belt. Richa’s surname already got changed after she tied a knot almost 19 years, back. Then what made her heart long for something she couldn’t possess or caress. Was his eyes, his charisma or the spartan she herself was trying constantly to fill in.

As a well brought up woman, she knew the cobwebs of human behaviour and changes, one goes through. Her childhood and teens were filled with immutable counselling and open discussions with her parents, especially with her father. Following the conservative yet with the freedom to be in co-ed school and college, she had the capacity to tame the newly germinated hormones in her body. So, getting way too close to any man, was something she would never allow even in her conscience

Richa, found this whole new churning ambiguous and disparaging to herself. Thoughts like, How can it be, How can I even allow this thought flow were badgering her heart. Is it the mid life crises or does she really requires a brush up course for the morals. There is a beautiful saying, “Never say Never”, because life has its shrewd ways of proving you wrong.

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