Pov For Life

Rays of Musings

When things don’t come easily to you…

When you have to struggle to reach where you want…

When your destiny makes you walk and stumble many times,

on the road longer than others…

when you make unconventional choices…

You get the sheen of your best version”-

—–Turf Of Sunita—–

There are no Perfect marriages….

Just two people struggling,

to make it look perfect”

——-Turf of Sunita——–

Take your story further…Or it shall die..

its own death…”

—-Turf of Sunita—-

2 responses to “Pov For Life”


    Hi Senorita !
    Beautiful xpressions about marriage… Never occurred this way… was stuck to the most common thought that Marriage is a workshop…. where man ‘H’ keeps working and ‘W’ keeps shopping…. but, you put it blatantly and yet so beautifully… that both are struggling to make it look perfect… Too Good… Too True…

    I have been following your quotes for a very long time…. they are beautiful… many holds to ponder… and few mesmerized me… So Y R U holding them…. let them out…
    Upload your thoughts and let the world know…. Would luv to see them here….

    Must also admit that your drabbles, writes are beautiful… meaningful…. and compels n hold the reader to read through…. Too Good…. Keep the good words flowing… luv to see more….



    1. Coming from you!!!!!!! Ahem ahem,


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