Kolkata Rains..

Pandemic, surely taught us one thing, To appreciate the wee sized happy moments in life. I live in Kolkata, where politics and rains, both are ballistic followed  by tons of pouring.

The thundering and slight shivering of the window panes woke me up little early than usual today. The view outside the balcony was super inviting. The clouds were roaring like a bunch of children who are been given permission to play outside. The birds were flying to look for the best hideout !!! be it the balconies, windows or the dense leaves of the adult trees around. The drumming of the clouds was like a platoon walking in rhythm. The grey clouds, were beautiful reminder of seeing life not in black and white, but rather in shades of grey. Grey, where everything merges to form a uniformity of thoughts and actions. 

Kolkata, where Hooghly river reciprocates by giving moisture to the air, has rains little different than the other parts of the country. Its dense, the clouds look into your eyes as they precede a step to almost peep into your home. The crackling of clouds can sometime Petrify you, My son insisted for pan cakes and my husband for ginger tea. I decided to play some music of Hindustani classic making my home heavenly soothing. The tipper tapper went for more than an hour, till clouds melted completely letting the Sun make its presence felt. 

The Glimpses…..

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