Find the Key!

Somehow, I do not agree with the caption of the picture, “ The Closed Door”!!!. 

Rather, the doors should be free, to walk in anytime. So, that there’s a sense of security and the freedom to walk in at own choice. A door whether it is of a home or of a heart or of a mind, should be free of any shrieking rust of stubbornness and any sort of crack of snob. Sounds, too Philosophical isn’t it ???? But it is quite relatable. The garland of green, yellow and faded leaves encircling the door is like the temptations, distractions, lust, grievances, gaiety times, power, ambitions, affection, competition and the list is way too long. The Picture beautifully depicts, how one should keep the door of one’s heart absolutely painted afresh with clarity, clutter free and smoothness of love.  The splendid part of life is that everything goes coextensive. So, for each dawn there is a dusk and for each rose there is a thorn. That’s what makes the life worth living for. The picture is serene and simple, yet with great depth. So, what is the key for the door?? To walk in hassle free with the key, one needs to ensure the leaves of negative thoughts, heavy vibrations are timely trimmed. Only those with life of good energy should be allowed to blossom. A simple theory, yet difficult,  We all are either looking for the key or are yet to learn to out to use it. The Closed door must be frequently opened to allow the breeze of love, positivity and growth.

3 responses to “Find the Key!”

  1. Beautiful post, Sunrita! Using the key to open the door lets the fresh air in and unclutters our minds and lives. Many times in life, doors are sadly closed to us, but we can always open another door. Thank you for posting. 💖


      1. You’re most welcome! 💖


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