I Wish I was a Fish!!!!

I wish I was a fish’ was the random thought fleeted my mind, while swimming in the pool last evening. When each breath is in the rhythm with water, the world changes for a few seconds. The swimming goggles let you sneak peek through aqua to the point, light refracts the tiled floor. It took me to the times, I indulged myself in scuba diving during three long years of our stay in “ Andamans and Nicobar”. The ocean, when you sneak through is a different parallel world.

The vibration, sunlight, sound everything travels deep down. The vibrant fishes, turtles, star fishes always mocked me for being a momentarily visitor in their abode.  A slimy, shiny, slim creature with no limbs but fins!! Wow, I won’t need a visa to touch any continent of the world. The life would be full of excitement, because living in fear of being devoured would always keep me alert, active and explore safer areas constantly. I would pierce through water and visit all the ships resting in the base of the ocean.

I would slide from one chamber to the other, admiring the creation of humans in completely perplexed state. We humans have been gifted with the ability to speak and converse. Using this ability effectively and beautifully is possessed by tiny percentage of humans. On the contrary, fishes communicate through their senses ( auditory, visual and olfactory). Some of them use electrical pulses as signals and some are bioluminescence like firefly. I am so intrigued to experience different way to communicate and yet being called a living being. I can’t stop smiling with this mushroomed thought. 

3 responses to “I Wish I was a Fish!!!!”

  1. Narender K Sharma Avatar
    Narender K Sharma

    Great and commendable … This is perfect scientific and humane explanation of aquatic life, … keep it up. … Blessings…


    1. Need your blessings always❤️🙏


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