Korona ki Kahani…..

To be able to start all over again……

Narrating what you’ve been through is far easier than to put it on a piece of paper. Will my folks, get it exactly the way I want to, will it reach the same way to the ears the way it is meant to be? with all these notions, apprehensions and self doubts, I am trying to get back to something I’ve always loved…. Filling spaces with words…

Uncertainty is synonym of life

The year 2020, came like a newlywed bride who initially looks the most splendid addition to the family, but disappoints her mother in law after few months. Often expectations and reality don’t merge, like oil and water. They can layer up on each other but not merge. We consult astrologer, numerologist just to find out if there is any goodies in the basket of upcoming year. Past two years turned out to be the most bewildering years ever. The world faced the confusions and challenges of sustainance at the same time.Corona clearly washed off, one perception. That a turmoil of one country has no effect across the borders. It certainly has shown how silently a country can demolish the peace and sanity of masses globally. December 19, 2019 while my husband was posted on one of the islands of India. Sounding concerned, he spilled about some virus spread in China and how in the most ignorantly I shrugged off the entire conversation. As a full time mother, one can not see anything beyond the academics, health and routine of the child. Month of March not only signifies the change of session of academics, but also the change in season, When the winter almost folds back itself into the womb of nature, and the summers slowly begins to unwind into the warm and cozy days. But in 2020, the month of March initiated completely unexpected lifestyle change for the entire world. Watching Italy and France going through the pain and ordeal was only a news, till we too heard the first alarm in the form of lockdown in our country. Some new words like isolation, social distancing and sanitisation became the most frequented spoken words.


Change always brings resistance and it did, when we wondered at the thought of staying indoors all the time. Each cell of our body went into friction, when the dishes and mopping stick glared at us. The house helps were no where to be seen but they always floated in our subconscious. The chores which never were the part of our routine, took the first gear and we all drove on the road of pandemic year. The world was churning, people lost their jobs, economy came to almost a cessation, the politics revolved around how to put notorious China down. The Bio war had begun. Industries like Pharmaceutical, News channels and OTT came on boom. Ayurveda, was the kid who won the race . It catered to all the herbs, tablets and kayasham which boost the immunity. The provision stores sold huge volumes of goods, by saying, ” behenji kharid lo, pair mile na mile”.

Ma is doing dishes and Papa is killing Cockroaches……

Me and my husband situationally got domesticated. During the three months of lockdown when couples enjoyed the juices of life, when people invented the hidden chefs in them, when people enjoyed creating babies, Me and my husband would argue at least thrice a day on issues like, who did dishes better. I would often wonder how the people like maids, cooks , drivers and delivery boys played such silent but strong roles in our lives. They functioned so that we would function in straight line to attain our daily objectives. How strange, in the flurry of fulfilling our desires, we missed to appreciate our support system. Sluggishly, we learnt to do things to function smoothly. The best amusement for my son was to witness his father killing cockroaches, an intruder is an intruder after all be it with two legs or six. at Amidst all of this, an escaped erupted in the form of Andaman and Nicobar. Islands are usually disconnected in every sense from the mainland.

Flight to an Island….

Each travel and boarding has a story behind, travelling for holiday, work, wedding, personal emergency were the usual reason to fly, but looking out for the best foxhole from the virus, was definitely no one could’ve ever even imagined. We wrapped up and packed ourselves in as many layers leaving no space for the virus to seep in. First flight of the day after lockdown didn’t appeared as our eyes were lingering for. Airports have a life floating around mixed with caffeine, gleeing faces, people skating in and out and the glitter of lights strategically established to uplift each soul around. But, what we saw completely doomed our spirits. The scenario looked like, Yamraja ( The death god) and Chitragupta the son of Brahma, with all your karma files opened up to see, which side you would be thrashed in. If you get through you would be allowed to board and if not the hell of U turn awaits for you. The People stood in endless cues, wrapped in PPE Kits. Giving a sight of walking corpse. The discomfort, the uneasiness in air, each breath was dubious with the fear of breathing in the China’s product, while we appreciated each inhale we reached……

The intruder is meant to intrude….

The boundaries of the new destination in Port Blair were guarded by the magnificent uniforms of the Govt of India. The Safest and Prettiest, it blindly followed the protocols and the safety measures. Once you are done with fourteen days of quarantine, you are free to move around but within the boundaries. One could clearly see with the spectacles of observation, the society was split into two halves, One who took this whole issue, as light as a feather followed by late night parties and quietly sneaking into each other houses for dinners and booze and the other half of the folks , who wanted the same fun but something put them tight to the hook, something like when a lass has conflict with her own hormones. To get deflowered or to wear the crown of deep rooted traditions. It was utterly amusing how the boat of life was sailing through the confusions and clarity.

Virus truly went Viral…….

I became one of the first ones to get kissed by the virus. A night before wine and whiskey was flowing like water and the next morning my throat and stomach started waddling with pain and strange uneasiness.The intruder came quietly and seeped in me. It took a while from denial to acceptance. the strict walls or deep ocean could not withhold the the covid cases. On and off we would hear one or two people falling into the pit. Whether it was air borne or surface transfer I still ponder sometimes. I have never seen doctors so unsure of anything. I was told to be in isolation for fourteen days. It was not much depressing as three more people had kissed the virus to get labelled. The news spread like a tsunami and we started receiving phone calls from people who otherwise would’ve been least bothered.

Lets face it…..

The virus gave people like us to actually sit and do things which just floated in our thoughts. Read as much you want, Do meditation. Watch all the movies missed so far. Video calls were such a high. It let the best friends reconnected in the best possible way.

My husband joined the rescue operation, all set to handle the situation. One room was absolutely sealed for me. In my house, there ran two parallel worlds. One where I lived and the other where my husband and son struggled. All my friends know, so well that I have always been craving to have time for myself. All I wanted an isolation for few days. I didn’t want to hear things like, ” remote kahan have, Main Khelne Jaoon? I want aloo parantha. I stayed in the room like a couch potato, A teenager not willing to move after facing board exams.

The world was in terror and more than the world my husband. Someone, who roamed in the house whole day baffled in his Bermuda and T shirt with the mask, covering his anxieties. The house helps were immediately vacuumed and he was left absolutely lost amidst the kitchen dabas, masalas and my super charged ten year old. I pitied him but my hidden wicked self enjoyed watching him wear my apron of homemaker..

Both of us, waited patiently for the freedom after fourteen days. In the meanwhile my tummy became the dump yard of anything which is nutritious and escalates immunity. We would fight , laugh and lament just like any family would do but in a tiny den the fear of being cured or not always shrieked in silence. The human body is extremely complex, the circuits nicely arranged for us to reach mars. I craved so much to taste the food, but the olfactory and the taste buds went on snooze. On the contrary brain would imagine various fragrances and flavours in order to let the body function normally.

Sailing in Boat of Uncertainity

Like the olfactory and ability to taste, some people quietly vanished. Some wanted every day updates on texting and some should ensure to share some junk forward on Whatsapp ( which meant more to scare than to educate).With the swollen face and neck the doctors feared it could pressurise the wind pipe. The face looked a balloon with two tiny winy eyes somehow squeezed in. I reached the sarkari hospital My head felt like, as if it would split into pieces. I never felt such intense blankness ever ever in my life. After waiting for more than two hours, a trembling ambulance arrived. The condition of the ambulance, clearly revealed that it was resting somewhere in junkyard after it reached the menopause long back. But seeing the current scenario of the pandemic it was called back to rertrieve the services. Dragging myself I boarded and reached the dungeon of people like us. people who were labelled and were constantly questioned, from did you get it???

The place for covid patients was dingy but airy, clean but not flashy. Ready with medical staff but unsure of anything. I was ushered to a room, a sad room a lonesome room. It had a television, a bed which chirped whenever you sat over it. The phone rang and I was enquired certain details to complete the formalities the basic information couldn’t be recalled, the brain absolutely was blank.

When the body can’t move, when the brain loses the capacity to process, one can only recall the storyline of once’s life. With memories came in the form of glimpses, feelings, snapshots and faded colors, till I would pass out.

To be continued………

7 responses to “Korona ki Kahani…..”

  1. I loved every word that flowed out of you…. Beautiful writeup…. keep penning ❤️


    1. A little push and word of praise coming from you, who herself is a wordsmith. Means a lot truly!!! ..much love.


  2. Priya Chauhan Avatar
    Priya Chauhan

    What a great piece of article.You are such a natural storyteller. I just loved your writing and I really appreciate your talent , can’t wait to read your next blog.


    1. Absolutely soonest shall flash the next one. Thank you for standing by.


  3. Nabanita Chakraborty Avatar
    Nabanita Chakraborty

    A true and natural pen picture flowing from you is a treat for the readers.I l started loving the article as and when read the example of newly wed bride.Keep it up and write more often.


  4. Brig PS Gothra Avatar
    Brig PS Gothra

    A very beautiful attempt to put on record the woes of corona. Your writing is awesome. Looking forward to the next part.


  5. It flowed like water down a stream…. Very well written. It made an interesting read. Well done and keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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