Part 2 ( Simple ways to look good)

In the previous write up, we spoke about simple points to keep in mind while dressing up and buying apparels.In this segment, will try to explore the intangible apparels and beauty enhancing cosmetics.

Invent yourself and your inner beauty by following below simple steps.

Moisturiser of Happiness.

You’ve ever seen a baby? The eyes shine and cheeks turn pink when they giggle. We all are grown up babies, only difference is, we often forget to laugh on small things. No matter, how much you moisturize your skin, the real glow will only and only come, when you smile and feel happy within. So,

  • Have gratitude for all the blessings of almighty.
  • Every morning do admire the most precious people of your life.
  • Never hesitate to laugh whenever possible.
  • Always exchange smiles, to the people you meet everyday.
  • Watch comedy movies, have pillow fights, play with your pets and children.

Concealer of Nutrients and Exercise.

Every woman is the backbone of the family. While remembering the child’s PTM and buying the groceries we often forget the nutritional demands of our body. Most of the ladies are either facing the deficiency of micro nutrients or simply turn into a Miss Hog. Both are just not appropriate. So, while doing the window shopping or deciding upon buying a new dress, Do ensure that your concealer of good health and nutrients gives you good support of minerals, vitamins, iron and calcium. Regular exercise will benefit you !! and not your mother in law. So, do take out those forty minutes of deep breathing sessions or long walks.

Blush-on of Passion to Learn.

Majority of women often forget after surrendering their lives to the beloved people around. We’ve seen our grandmothers and mothers doing it, so it follows own its own to the next set of genes. Even if you are a working lady, Once you take off your corporate shoes, You immediately wear the hat of a homemaker. It doesn’t matter that you are spinster, a divorcee, married or working mother. Taking out few precious moments in a day and investing them into your passion will keep you alive always. So Don’t be a robot, be human.

Avoid Dark Shades of Comparison

Ever visited a flower show, Our eyes appreciate each colored petal and leaf. We just admire each one. The term comparison just fades away from the dictionary isn’t it. So, where does this wisdom vanishes when you compare your built, figure complexion to someone on screen or may be some dame around. Always remember, the creation of your own self is the single master piece, you are absolutely distinctive one in the entire world, with your own colors of beauty and petals of talent.

Cleansing – Milk of Tears

A happy hormone is secreted by the brain making you feel lighter and ready to move on. Its okay, if your tears lie at the corner of your elbow.

Acetone of “Filtration”

This one is really important. Making friends is difficult but removing few is even more difficult. Have few friends and best ones. More you add friends, more your life would be complex. Do not hesitate to remove the negative people. Be a “Lioness” and not a butterfly.

Botox of “Filling in yourself”

Its all right to think of your needs and aspiration before anyone else. Do fill in your soul, whatever you desire for. If you keep on squeezing your own inner calls, you can never be happy in life.

Do you think, an unhappy person can ever spread happiness around…???? Point to ponder.

The above do’s and don’ts are already scripted inside you, you know exactly all the answers. This segment is just a gentle reminder to all.

Will be soon back with an interesting story called, ” Train to Allahabad”. Till then have fun and love yourself.

Thanks Micky! for all your accolades.


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