Simple ways to Look good…. (part-1)

The soul of life since centuries has taken inspiration from woman. Her curves, eyes, expressions and the ocean of emotions have actually inspired music, art, poetry, paintings, intricate hand work and embroideries.The consistent hard work of enhancing the allure of women is still on in the form of huge fashion industry. What’s there latest to shop is one of the steaming hot topics among female folks. The end of season sales will take off within a months time. All the shopping hubs would turn into an ant hill, with rows crawling in and out.

The shopping wave of consumers now depends hugely on the  strategies, offers, touts made by the retail industry. It’s absolutely awesome to shop as per the fashion trends, but how many people actually do it intelligently. I have met people who are extremely stingy, for them the bank balance and property takes the front seat. They have no hitches to dress up with the most squalid taste at the jarring get together and at the same time those who shop brands just because they have affordability with a very faded flavors of teeming up the attire.

Have short listed few simple rules one can follow. So, don’t have to flip pages of a fashion magazine or consult any designer.

Here they are….


Do you actually blindly buy what’s in fashion or before adding the stuff to your wardrobe you give a thought?? The accessories and dresses launched into the market are the reflection of creativity of the huge designer industry. Each designer takes off a portion of his fiber creativity into each garment keeping in mind an image of the lady/person who can actually beautify his creation. Women have an enormous power to show off different shades of womanhood through the clothes she wears like she can be coquettish, homely, graceful, conservative, professional. Do keep in mind your persona, age and physical structure before actually buying apparel and accessories..


You want to show off what’s in the trend or you know what exactly suits you and you stick to it. There are many designs which  reach the display shelf to show the change in the trend, such fads and designs exist for a short while and then are replaced by the new additions. Young generation have a strong inclination towards such changes in trends, Since it keeps them elated. But after a certain addition of experience in life your image and personality reaps well. So to enhance it go for the designs which are evergreen simple and classy and which do not make you look like a colored hen.


A Christmas Tree always drags the attention because of the hangings loaded on each branch. After all it is a Christmas tree and is meant to be like that. but, you are not! Pick up the accessories which grab the attention but don’t wash away your charm.


Just like your shoe size, do know your lingerie size too. It’s just not about looking good but actually giving a better shape to your confidence too. Wrong size and cheap material will only make you feel unfit and out of shape. Do try to match the lingerie with your outfit too. Not only the color but depending on what you wear.


A smart woman knows what exactly she wants to buy. She has the clarity in mind of the color, material, design. Even if she goes to the local market, she would end up, buying the exact thing she is looking for or would rather come back empty hand if not convinced. Adjusting in mid way is not her.


You have broad shoulders, flaunt them. You have long Barbie legs do not hesitate to show off. Now, here we are stressing on to hiding the flaws and enhancing your god gifted strengths. Basic simple formula is to balance the ratio. Women with the big built and little on the heavier side, can boldly flaunt the big prints, be it floral or abstract. Such women can flawlessly carry sarees with the smartest blouses on earth. Make a style statement of yourself rather than just being a stupid copy cat.


Shoes are the most special ones, you know why?? Because they take the entire body weight of yours at the same time size remains same no matter if you’ve gained or lost few pounds. Buy  the good ones keeping in mind your affordability. For the expensive brands, try to manage at least the basic colors like beige, black, whites, red. Making you look stunning each time.


Running after the fairness cream or anti ageing is nothing but supporting the idiotic touts thrown by cosmetic industry. Before taking any product, its wise to consult a dermatologist. Don’t believe the wizard advertisements.


The fashion freak women, will never have enough space in the closet and at the same time never have anything to wear. A very simple solution to this, stop getting emotionally bonded to your clothes and circulate them by simply donating them to the needy ones. You will be benefited in two ways, firstly you are helping mankind by shunting off the element of meanness and Secondly you are actually creating more space in your closet to add another bunch of latest apparel, bags and accessories.

 …..End of Part 1

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