Can’t believe two years back, I updated the status on Face book timeline – Packing, Time to move. And now, exactly after two year’s the calendar saying aloud,” Time to open the old boxes filled with dust, time to discard the unused stuff, time to slowly start winding up the little nick knacks and time to disconnect with this place and welcome a new location with a new story”

Packing is just not about, zipping up your belongings, Its about putting your vehicle of your life on first gear and starting a new journey all over again. It starts with, the making up of your mind, convincing it that you are going to a better place, ” even if it is some remote place, lying at the rim of the country, with few local shops and a restaurant”. But as they say nothing is permanent, The fresh air, the cool breeze and the serenity won’t tolerate you for ever, henceforth you would be ushered to taste the civil life twice or thrice a year.

The first step on the railway station, gives a clear picture of the actual population of the country. The Cement jungle and sky scrapers gives a jolt to the Einstein resting in your head. The vehicles in full momentum and flyovers mean a complete different world for initial 40 minutes. You crawl in malls like an alien, eat pizza like you’ve never had it and buy the best cloths available, so that during your next visit they are out dated already.

So, if you are a bachelor, any place is a good place. As long as there is a grilled chicken dancing in the plate with the ” Old Monk” bottle glaring at you from table and a stock of all sort of movie’s in the pen will drive you to sustain. For newly weds any place is convivial, as long as they get the permission to stay together, Even if it is a tin house, with one fan hanging on the false ceiling – life is great!!!

For those with crawling babies can still managed to have the opera of their family life. The children floating in their teens will make their mommy stay at the peace, while the daddy enjoys the same what the bachelor clan does.

The metro city is like a dessert, every one waits after a disastrous meal hoping it will occupy the vacuum leading to the contentment. Metro cities will make you hop from mess to temporary and then from temporary to permanent accommodation. Your life is all about few opened suitcases and boxes waiting to be inaugurated.

The ecstatic moment when you know the permanent postal address for the left over tenure. Within one month of entering the house, you are settled with the boxes being opened, things being laid out and fixed. Carpets nicely spread on the floor. Souvenirs, mementos and crystals smartly flaunting themselves. Saaris and suits nicely resting in the Amirah’s with the smell of perfumes. Pots and plants also find a place to give you fresh oxygen in the balconies. Crockery on and off starts travelling to the dinning table as the formal and personal parties rock your life.

The leftover stuff, which unfortunately finds no place in the house or the garbage are placed carefully as a form of nostalgia in the boxes. They will only feel the touch of the owner, when its time to move because of an upcoming course or retirement or shifting to another place.

The dining in party, ” where were you placed before”, “how long you’ve been married”, ” how old is your son” and with same smile stuck on your face you reply with the hope of jelling down and being accepted as a person you are. But the search never ends, as a lady you always look forward to good set of friends with similar thought wave. You are truly lucky if you happen to find any. Or else, please be safe and just share the recipes of cakes or discuss schooling of your child, bitching about mother in law to an extent is also acceptable and Yes!! not to forget Sarees!! the evergreen non controversial thing to discuss even with the most constipated breeds.

Human beings are graced with huge level of intelligence, which makes them to get adapted anywhere with new faces, climatic conditions and challenges which come along with the package.

When you have no choice but to accept. Accept with grace whatever comes your way. The new view from your window settles in your head and heart. The chirpy mornings rejuvenate your soul and honking of vehicles’ push you to run with fast moving life. The new school uniform of your child, becomes active and rest all goes into past tense.

Moving out of the cozy shell, exploring new places, making choices, making new bonding and learning as much you can is all about it. The moment its comfortable and monotonous, its time to un-lock the boxes with nostalgia’s waiting inside. And most vital job is to start accumulating good memories of people and friends, store them safe in your head and heart forever. You might not meet these faces ever, but the memory will be alive making you connected with these souls for the rest of your jaunt.

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